PostHeaderIcon Tips for Beating the Odds When Playing Blackjack

Is Blackjack really just a complete game of chance? Many gamblers would argue that there are in fact ways to maximise your chance of winning at this game – read on to find out what they are.

Choose the right game to start off with

It is worthwhile being aware that different versions of Blackjack will have different odds. Opting to play the version with the lowest house edge will increase your chances of winning. Blackjack Switch has the lowest house edge (0.17%) – which can be compared unfavourably to other forms of Blackjack such as Double Attack Blackjack (which has a house edge of 0.47%).

Keep a Blackjack strategy card to hand

These little cards are so simple to use and they can be absolutely indispensable. They tell you which is the best action to take depending on which card the dealer has currently got face up. This method is particularly recommended for beginners: simply following the strategy card by rote will give you the biggest chance of winning.

Card counting

This method is used not just in online casinos but also in ‘real’ (i.e. brick and mortar) casinos). It involves keeping track of which cards have been revealed so far in the game and thus (by process of elimination) working out which cards are yet to be revealed. This can give you an idea of which cards the dealer, and the other players, are concealing. If card counting seems complex, one way to simplify it is using the High/Low method. I.e. when a card is revealed, keep track of how many cards higher than it are left to be revealed, and how many cards that are lower than it are yet to be revealed.

Do not put all of your eggs in one basket

It is crucial to have a variety of odds-beating methods in play at once. If you want to beat the odds, then do not just rely on one of the methods outlined above. For example, if you are using a Blackjack strategy card and it suggests that you Stand, but the card counting method suggests that you have a better chance of going for a Hit, then it is worth stopping to consider which of these options is the best. In short, master a few odds-beating methods and keep them all in your mind at the same time as you play on an online casino.

Is this cheating?
None of the methods listed above are cheating. You are simply using logic and strategy to get more enjoyment from the game of Blackjack. It is hard to cheat on online casinos using ‘traditional’ cheating methods, in all events. In bricks and mortar casinos, for instance, cheating players would try and glimpse the cards as the dealer shuffled them so that they could get some insights into which cards were laid face down on the table. In an online casino, this is impossible to do.

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