PostHeaderIcon Online games one among the best things to do in your spare time

There are lots of interesting things to do in spare time. If you are getting bored to do your routine spare time stuffs you can simply try online gaming. It is one of the most wanted and most liked gaming trends of present days. People love to spend their weekends or spare time just by involving themselves in the graphical or 3D space of games.

Choose your game

There are lots of games which imply your brain to work. If you don’t like to give work for your brain then you can Play Thai Flower online which is one of the best games of luck. The game is interesting and soothing with Asian flute music. You can simply choose this game for enjoying your spare time with lots of bonus points and jackpots.


Brightly colored

The game is brightly colored with letters and symbols. Only the symbols will create you points. In this game initially you will be given with 12 free spins. When you are getting points in those 12 spins by matching them, you will be added additional points to play without any obstacles. The symbols used in the game are

  • Thai lady
  • Mansion
  • Elephant

Apart from these symbols there are lots of letters like A, K, J, Q and many more. Only the three symbols will mark points for you from 10 pounds to many more. This game is purely based on luck and you can believe in triggers which are used for shuffling these games.

Scoring points

You can score points with some assembles of symbols which are specified below

  • Arrangement of 5 junk boats- 250 points
  • Arrangement of 5 pots- 250 points
  • Arrangement of 5 elephants-500 points
  • Lining up of Thai lady- 1000 points

More than this the lotus flower or Thai flower yields you bonuses for 1 to 5 free spins or extra points. The scoring point goes on increasing and sometimes it gets decreased when there are no arrangements. You can simply calculate the triggers and wait for your luck to happen.

Not too late

Getting so much interested to play this game? It is not too late. This game is for fun and you can register your account without paying any deposits. You can simply start with initial 12 free spins and enjoy the bonus points of Thai flower.

Start to Play Thai Flower online and you will never get bored of online games.

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